The Ultimate Link Building Software

  • SEO link building is a time consuming and frustrating process. Without a link building software, it is almost impossible to create accounts, verify emails and submit content to hundreds of sites efficiently within a short period of time.

    With UltimateDemon's seamless submission process, you can now build an unlimited number of links and increase traffic to your website . With its super friendly user interface, you don't have to be the best SEO software expert or computer geek to know how to use UltimateDemon.

    There are simply no other software in the market that perform task with the same level of simplicity and automation as UltimateDemon. Take a look at some of the features UltimateDemon have in store for you.

UltimateDemon Multiple Platform Supported

Multiple Platform Supported

You can submit your content to numerous sites such as

  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Wiki Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Video Sites
  • Article Directories
  • Web Directories
  • Press Releases
  • RSS Directories
  • Document Sharing Sites

UltimateDemon Link Tree

Link Tree

With today's ever changing search engine's algorithm, panda and penguin, it is extremely important to start linking smarter. The link tree allows you to build multi-tier level linking strategies. UltimateDemon offers you a simple and straightforward way to create your link pyramid strategies.

UltimateDemon Speedy Submission

Speedy Submission

For faster submission speed, UltimateDemon comes with multi-threading support. It is as though you have 60 employees working for you simultaneously.

UltimateDemon Seamless Submission Process

Seamless Submission Process

UltimateDemon is the first link building software that implement what we call - "Seamless Submission". Traditional link building tools require babysitting. You need to wait for accounts to be created before you can download activation emails. You need to wait for accounts to be verified before you can start your content submission. All the above requires human intervention. In Ultimate Demon, we eliminated all these steps and you are no longer required to babysit the tool.

UltimateDemon Visual Aid Captcha Solving

Visual Aid

Hate CAPTCHAs? You can use some of the low cost Visual Aid services for hands-free submission. Currently we support the following:

  • Decaptcher ($2.22 per 1000 images)
  • Bypasscaptcha ($7.00 per 1000 images)
  • Imagetyperz ($1.65 per 1000 images)
  • Deathbycaptcha ($1.39 per 1000 images)
  • CaptchaSniper

I have three criteria when choosing SEO software. Getting the job done, being easy to use, and being well supported with updates and features.

I knew when I opted for Ultimate Demon that I would get all three, and that's how it's turned out. I can now do 75% of my link making "under one roof" and have added considerable value already by importing literally thousands of scraped sites into the package. Ultimate Demon is a linking powerhouse, and one that just keeps getting better with every update.

Scritty (BHW)

UltimateDemon Add Your Own Sites

Add Your Own Sites

You can add an unlimited number of sites that uses script such as :
- Elgg, Jcow, Dolphin, PHPizabi, phpFox (web 2.0 sites)
- MediaWiki, WikkaWiki, TikiWiki, MoinMoin, DokuWiki (wiki sites)
- ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and Wordpress directories.
- Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, Pligg, PhpDug and German's PublicBookmark (bookmarking sites)
- phpLD, PHP Weby, WSNLink (web directory)
- iDocScript (document sharing site)
- Press Release Script (press release site)
- PHPmotion, ClipShare (video sharing sites)

Ultimate Daemon will automatically detect the type of sites being added! There are thousands of such sites around to help boost your SEO link building campaign. Can you imagine the number of backlinks you are going to get from all these sites? There are simply no other software that allow you to support so many different scripts.

UltimateDemon Site Scraper


Finding sites that uses the above mentioned scripts manually from the search engines is an extremely time consuming process. With UltimateDemon's in-house scraper, you can now search for sites using the above mentioned scripts from within the software. You can make use of the scraper to search for any footprint and UltimateDemon will automatically detect what script is used for the scrapped sites. If a site is not using one of the supported scripts, it will be discarded. This will free up your time as you are no longer required to manually check if the site is using one of the supported script.

UltimateDemon Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

If you are concerned about your privacy and would prefer not to expose your personal details, you can make use of the "Privacy Protection" feature that is built into UltimateDemon. Hit the randomize button and the software will automatically generate a list of spun personal details for you.

UltimateDemon Article Spinning And Rewriting

Article Spinning And Rewriting

With the help of the built-in rewriter and spinner, you no longer have to fear the duplicate content penalty. You can rewrite your articles and spin them into thousands of unique versions. You can also use the Mass Replace Synonyms feature to instantly create spin syntax to all words or phrases found with synonyms. With UltimateDemon's synonyms harvester, you can also build your personal powerful synonyms database using your existing spun articles.

We have also integrated a few popular content spinners into our software. If you are an existing member of SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, ContentProfessor, BigContentSearch, WickedArticle, thebestspinner or ArticleBuilder, you can make use of the integrated API feature to create more unique content. Submitting high quality content and not abusing or spamming is the key to success.

UltimateDemon Live Link Checker

Live Link Checker

Live links come and go and this is part of link building. It is almost impossible to track all your live links manually. UltimateDemon provides a quick way to test if your live links (or any links that you throw at it) are still online.

Ultimate Demon is the one-click-solution for all your linkbuilding needs. Just setup your projects, add some quality content and fire up the engine. Articles, Press Releases, Directories, RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarks, Video Platforms - its all supported.

With Ultimate Demon I can build more links for my valuable customers in a shorter time. The user interface is easy to understand, and the built-in tools like the Pinger and Spinner add even more value to the package. Ultimate Demon automates the basic linkbuilding tasks for every SEO company, leaving more time to care about the customers. I highly recommend this fine piece of software!

Marcell Sarközy, Seodeluxe

UltimateDemon Detailed Site Scan

Detailed Site Scan

Ultimate Demon comes with a detailed scanner that allows you to find out how credible the sites are. With the Site Scanner, you are now able to retrieve PageRank, IP address, Alexa ranking and WOT (Web of Trust) rating through UltimateDemon. You will be able to analyze the sites and organize your submissions better.

UltimateDemon Auto Pinging

Auto Pinging

Live links are harvested after each submission process and they are added into the ping queue. These links are then automatically pinged to shorten the time needed for search engine to crawl your sites. Everything runs in the background. You can also make use of the third party index service provider, LinkPipeLine.

UltimateDemon Scheduler


You can spread your submission evenly or randomly across a number of days. You can even set the date and time range for your submission to start. This allows you to drip your links on a daily basis, making it more natural.

When I choose a new niche to market in, I like to come in strong with a large number of links, from a wide variety of sites. Ultimate Demon allows me to do exactly that. And usually while I'm sleeping, thanks to the advanced scheduling settings.

Am loving the wiki poster and have imported over 1600 wiki sites which I post to successfully now.

I'm not going to say how many thousand forum sites, article sites, and book marking sites I've successfully imported and currently post to. Because it is almost too many to believe. Let's just say I'm not going to be in the market to buy another backlinking tool for a long time.

You have converted a hard skeptic.

Bruce Muir,

UltimateDemon Human Speed Simulation

Human Speed Simulation

You can set the speed of submission to simulate human-like submission behavior. There are some sites that ban users for being too fast during submission. To overcome this, you can reduce the submission speed to get a higher success rate.

UltimateDemon Proxy Servers Support

Proxy Servers Support

Many sites restrict the number of submissions you can perform daily. Some sites even ban your IP address if you are overdoing SEO link building. To overcome this, you can add your own list of proxy servers. Each account can also be assigned a dedicated proxy and you will be able to make your submissions look more natural.

UltimateDemon 100% Socket

100% Socket

For the non-geeks, 100% socket means that UltimateDemon doesn't use Internet Explorer for its submission tasks. This in turn translate into a much faster, much lower bandwidth consumption and a more stable software.

I've been a Ultimate Demon user since the very first day it launched. In fact, I was a beta tester
and had a chance to preview Ultimate Demon from a very early stage. I was familiar and very
happy with other EdwinSoft's products, so my expectations were high. After a few hours of testing
I was very impressed with how easy and intuitive Ultimate Demon was to use.

The folks at EdwinSoft hit a home run with Ultimate Demon. There are similar products on the market, but if you compare Easy of Use, Functionality, and Support, you just cannot find a better product. Since Ultimate Demon's launch, EdwinSoft has rolled out a series of enhancements. Some developers never roll out an update, some developers roll out an update to fix things, but EdwinSoft rolls out enhancements to continuously make the product better. This is the best way to protect your investment and hedge against obsolescence. In the end, Ultimate Demon gets my recommendation.

Oh, I am an affiliate because I like the product. Of all the affiliate products I've worked with, Ultimate Demon has the lowest "return rate" of any software I've marketed. That's saying something, especially considering the money back guarantee.

Vance Hill

UltimateDemon Auto Sites Update

Auto Sites Update

UltimateDemon comes with hundreds of sites and they require constant updates to maintain an acceptable submission success rate. Unlike other software, you do not need to continuously re-install new versions of UltimateDemon when new sites are available. Ultimate Demon will automatically check for new sites update every other day and update the sites for you.

When new features and/or bug fixes are available, you will be prompted to update from within the software. Simply click that button to upgrade your UltimateDemon.

EdwinSoft - Trustworthy Brand

Trustworthy Brand

Many software are rushed to the market and they lack quality and stability. They are either not updated, lack of customer support, or they disappear shortly after. EdwinSoft has been in business since 2006 and updates are still being provided to our pioneer software (BookmarkingDemon).

Our team consists of only people who have a deep passion for creating the best SEO software. Our friendly support team are well known among our users in ensuring that their needs are always answered in a timely manner.

Many softwares claim to be all in one SEO or linkbuilding tools yet in reality they are not. If you can post content on certain sites, you may not be able to add additional sites, over the passage of time, as the buyers of the software increase in numbers, those default sites get spammed and their moderators become much strict, making it difficult for you to obtain backlinks. Ultimate Demon is something different, something more flexible.

Ultimate Demon has some awesome features; in fact, it makes me wonder how the Edwin team bundled so many features in a tool yet making it extremely easy to use. It has every module (web 2.0, article, press release, video, bookmark etc); you need to literally build hundreds of high quality link each day. Additional features like human emulation, ability to change user agents, built in scraper, pinger, proxy tester, absolutely hands free submission, rss crawling, automatic fetching of description and titles, ability to generate reports for your clients, management of accounts and tools are just great, making you so much productive in building links.

For me the best thing is its ability to accommodate so many platforms, scrape some good sites and then save them to your UD, making it a custom link-building machine for you.

I also wanna assure you that this tool is updated very regularly and instead of just fixing things, every new update incorporates some new additions which is great. Also, a great feature is yet to come; now that's a surprise so won't tell, whatever it is, it is BIG.

It gets my highest recommendation and actually you will do a favor upon yourself if you buy it today.

Ali Mod Aquarian123 BHT

UltimateDemon 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with UltimateDemon, simply contact us within the first 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your money in full, with absolutely no questions asked.

  • Your shopping safety is guaranteed!
  • All orders and downloads are processed securely by Avangate. Shop with confidence knowing that you are totally protected and you can download the software right after purchase.

$47 Monthly Fee

You can use UltimateDemon for just a monthly subscription fee of $47. You can cancel the subscription at anytime.


$997 $397* One Time Fee

This is an introductory offer for a limited time only. Pay a one-time-fee of $397* and you don't have to bother about any monthly fee.

*Enjoy 2 years of FREE major version upgrade from date of purchase. Thereafter, major version upgrade will cost USD $147.

**Each upgrade comes with another 2 years of free major version upgrade.