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Dear Business Owners,

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate for UltimateDemon. You will earn
38% commission on every sales. Our top affiliates sold more than 100 copies of EdwinSoft's products a month.

How much can I earn?

When will I get paid?
We are using Avangate to handle all our affiliate payments. You will be paid by Avangate every month by wire transfer, paypal or check. Read more on Avangate payments requirement at: http://www.avangate.com/help/affiliates-faq.php.

Why promote UltimateDemon?
Link building is one of the hottest topic today and related software are hot sellers. You can easily find hundreds of link building software in the market today but none of them can match UltimateDemon in terms of features and pricing.

Why trust us?
Most software vendors rip off affiliates hard earn money with their shabby in-house affiliate program. Their affiliate program is poorly run and most of the time the affiliates are not getting paid. To ensure our affiliates are properly taken care of, UltimateDemon is using Avangate, which is used by big corporates such as kaspersky lab and bitdefender.

UltimateDemon is created by EdwinSoft, a trustworthy brand since 2006. We are well known for our high quality seo software and good customer support. These will greatly improve your conversion when promoting UltimateDemon.

How to join?
Joining is free and you will learn how to signup to Avangate at our UltimateDemon Affiliate Tools section. You can also use all our affiliate tools to help improve your conversions.

To your HUGE success,

Edwin Brian


UltimateDemon.com affiliate program is entirely managed by a 3rd party affiliate management company at Avangate.com. In order to promote UltimateDemon, you will need to be a Avangate affiliate and be bound by Avangate's terms of service.

UltimateDemon Affiliate Tools


How To Sign Up To Avangate
If you do not have a Avangate affiliate account, you won't be able to promote UltimateDemon. Your Avangate affiliate id will be used as part of your affiliate link.

Step 1
>>>Click here to SignUp to Avangate <<<


Step 2
Once signed up, you will receive the following email. Click the activation link.
Your affiliate account might take up to 48 hours for approval.


Once approved, you will receive the following email. Login with the given password at


Go to the left column and click "Find Partners" and search for EDWINSOFT
Click "Request partnership"

Once you are inside our product section, you can choose the product you want to promote.


If you want to use our affiliate link which redirects to our homepage, you need to get your affiliate id from the top right.


Your Affiliate Link
Now that you have your affiliate id, replace XXXXX with your affiliate id.

Example if your affiliate id is 12345

Direct Cart Checkout Link
For affiliates who prefer to create their own salespage (offering special bonuses) with a direct link to the checkout page.

You can test out the different link types found in Step 4.


Avangate Discount Coupon

Avangate Affiliates can create their own discount coupon from our product section.

Once you have your discount coupon, replace YYYYYYYYYY with your discount coupon.

Example if your affiliate id is 12345 and coupon code is EE888877DD:

Shorten Affiliate Link
You can shorten your affiliate link using url shortening service such as

Banner Link
You can use the following banners to promote UltimateDemon.
Remember to replace XXXXX with your Avangate affiliate id.

Most Popular banner:



Text Links
Place some of these codes on your website with your affiliate link.
Remember to replace xxxxx with your Avangate affiliate id.

It will produce the link you see below.
What The SEO Gurus Dont Want You To Know


It will produce the link you see below.
Dominate Search Engines With The Ultimate Software


It will produce the link you see below.
Find Out How To Get MORE Backlinks And HIGHER Search Engine Rankings


It will produce the link you see below.
Crack The Code To Getting Backlinks On Autopilot



Forums/Email Signature
You can use the above text links as signatures for your outgoing emails. You can also use them in your P.S. section of your email promotion. You can also use them as your signature in forums.

Some great forum to promote your signature



Ezines And Mailing List
You can use this solo ad copy for advertising in the ezines. You can also use it for your personal mailing list. The following is just a sample ad copy and it might not work for you. It is highly recommended that you write your own copy with your unique style and reflect the real success you are having with the software.


Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to promote/review a product. You can write a good UltimateDemon review in your blog with screenshots of how the software works. You can make use of our screenshots fround here.



Video Marketing
Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool for product reviews. You can create a video on how to use UltimateDemon and demostrate all the best features of the software. You can upload the video to video sharing sites such as youtube.



Google Adwords
You can also use Google Adwords to promote UltimateDemon. Get a account from http://adwords.google.com. This mode of promotion is only for the experienced internet marketer. If you are new to internet marketing, it is best to avoid using this method.

You can use the free keyword tool at

You can bid for keywords related to 'Link Building', 'Seo Software' and 'Link Software'. Keywords related to web traffic converts well for UltimateDemon. Some of the keywords can be expensive and it is best to do more keyword research and come out with your own set of keywords. As with any paid advertising, there is no guarantee that you will make a profit.

If you need an expert's advice on how to profit from using Google Adwords, you can find tutorial videos on youtube.com. Example:
Getting Started

Creating Better Ads

Bidding Tutorial


Good luck to your promotions!



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