Higher Search Engine Ranking
Higher Search Engine Ranking

How To Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

Today’s consumer is a more sophisticated web user than just a few years ago, so it’s important to evaluate your web presence — especially during these difficult economic times — to make sure your message is getting out to as many people as possible. In the early days of the Internet, you did not have to do much to drive traffic to your website. Simply listing your site with search engines could yield a lot of traffic.

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Back then, ranking was more a game of optimizing your “Title” and “Meta” tags than anything else. But in response to the mammoth growth of the internet abuses of META tags by unscrupulous web designers, search engine spiders have become more discriminate: The game now focuses on optimizing web page content. The top spots that search engine spiders browse to determine your site’s relevance are your “Title” tags and your web page content. Without optimizing site content, you’re forfeiting the opportunity for a higher search engine ranking that ultimately drives customers to your site.

Search engine spiders use “Title” tags and web page content to determine your site’s relevance. So, add keywords or phrases to your site text and do that for every page on your site. Don’t re-optimize your site for at least six months. It takes months for your real ranking to be reflected in the search engines. If you need to update your main page, include a “What’s New” section for rotating content, but don’t alter anything else.

Here are some pointers for adding keywords to your site text effectively:
• Of the total number of keywords you wish to use, optimize a few per page. If you decide that twenty keywords/phrases will draw visitors to your site, you won’t be able to optimize that many on every page. So divide up your total number of keywords/phrases.
• When creating textual links, make the links a keyword or phrase. If your website concerns SEO, for example, don’t hyperlink the usual “click here.” Instead, try “Click here to learn more about higher search engine ranking.”
• Add short keyword-rich text within the ALT tags in your graphic links. Make certain, however that the ALT text is descriptive of the link destination, and that you do not use the same word for your ALT text throughout the page.

After your site is done, you will need to promote it. Web promotion informs the search engines that a new piece of content is available at your site. Investing in the best seo software can help with getting higher search engine ranking.

Higher Search Engine Ranking