Improve Search Engine Ranking
Improve Search Engine Ranking

Improve Search Engine Ranking For More Traffic

Anybody with a web presence is usually open to suggestions on how to improve their site’s search engine ranking. Having your site ranked on page one is will result in more clicks, visitors and sales if you are selling something of value on your website. It can be your own products or an affiliate product.

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All search engines have their own unique algorithms, or ways of calculating your rank. The search engines change their algorithms to combat spasm so what works today might not work tomorrow. However, there are several common factors that can improve search engine ranking with any of the engines.

Your webpage’s title is the factor to determine what your site is all about. This title tag carries a lot of weight when ranking your website. The title of your page is important and it should be given an H1 tag. Just like the meta title, make it short and sweet. You can also fill out the meta keywords or description, but they are not as valuable today as compared to the past.

Use your keywords throughout the content and words that are similar. Search engines today can identify these synonyms and they are important. Don't overuse your keywords. Your content need to be written to please a person and not the search engines.

If you use pictures, use IMG ALT tags on all of them. These are often overlooked and shouldn't be as they add value to your ranking, especially in the images section of the search engines. Search engines index images based on the tags. Without the tags, the search engines will find it difficult to understand what your images are all about.

If possible, using a blog will help your business greatly. Blog platforms are usually SEO optimized to improve search engine ranking. These blog platforms usually come with very add-ons to help better organize your site contents. Most blog platforms have a pinging feature built-in, these help notify search engines and directories about new blog post in your site.

And once you have setup your website, you will need to do seo to get better search engine placement. Without link building, it is difficult for your website to rank higher.


Improve Search Engine Ranking