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Lies Of Internet Marketing Gurus?

Just about everyone who has tried to make money online has heard of an internet marketing guru at least once. It's almost impossible not to hear about one while you are trying to search for information about internet marketing online and sometimes even offline. You find gurus on spammy looking websites and blogs alike. But, just what are these gurus?

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Internet marketing gurus are people who claim to know everything there is to know about internet marketing, which is entirely impossible. Nobody can know everything about a topic, no matter who they are and how much experience or schooling they have. New techniques and information about internet marketing is being learned every single day.

Typically, internet marketing gurus often say that they are willing to share their valuable secrets. They claim that learning these secrets will allow you to make hundreds, even thousands, each day. That by just spending so-and-so amount of money, you too can learn the secrets of internet marketing and quickly become a millionaire in a month. Yet, there is always a catch. And usually, that catch is often in the form of money or the buying of products.

The gurus will send to a impressively written salespage. Once you finish reading the page, interested, you see a link that asks you to purchase either a book, an eBook, or some other newbie products. Typically, the text says nothing about what's inside of the product, only what you will gain from it. To gain the promised 'secrets,' you are required to purchase the product.

If you purchase the product, you are making the internet marketing guru richricher. If the guru truly had secrets to online marketing, why would he or she share it instead of keeping it to themselves? Why would they share secrets for only $50 or even $500? Tips that have made them filthy rich, to the point where $500 is nothing for them?

Simple. An internet marketing guru makes money by feeding complete lies to one innocent newbie or hundreds who are just trying to be successful at internet marketing. Buying products from these fake gurus just lower the chance of people succeeding at internet marketing.


Internet Marketing Guru