Promote Your Website For Free

Learn How To Promote Your Website For Free

Learning how to promote your website for free isn't necessarily a complicated process. You can learn several secrets that can cheaply and quickly boost the amount of visitors to your business or personal website.

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1. Comment on popular blogs in your niche or target market. Your comments should be in response to a post and always helpful rather than promotional. However, most blogs will let you leave a link to your website in a special section; this can help push a lot of traffic to your website quickly. Also, the more links to your website the better your search engine rankings. Although it links are mostly nofollow links, the search engine spiders still crawl it and visit your website.

2. Participate in message boards related to your website. Again, the key is to be helpful rather than overtly promotional. Almost all message boards or forums will let you include one or more links in your signature line. This simple and free tactic once again serves to bring more visitors to your website and increase your search engine ranking.

3. Writing guest blogs or articles on popular sites related to your target market is an effective strategy to promote your website for free. You don't have to write them yourself. You can outsource your work to freelance/job bidding sites such as freelancer and oDesk. You can find hundreds of writers willing to write a short blog or article for a low cost. Remember to take a look at their sample writing before you hire them. Make sure they are English speaking writers. If your blog post or article is awesome, it will draw plenty of attention to your website while increasing your search engine ranking.

If you don't have the time to comment on blogs or participate on message boards, find an intern or low-priced virtual assistant to do this work for you. Again, you can outsource to freelancers too. Always be consistent; the more quality links you get the better off your entire business will be. Another cheaper alternative is to get your own linking tools such as ultimate demon.

Promote Your Website For Free