Refund Policy

You have a 30 day money back guarantee. Refund request beyond 30 days (from date of purchase) will be rejected.

For monthly subscription, this refund policy only applies to the first month subscription fee, subsequent months will not be entitled to a refund.

To request for a refund, go to to submit a support ticket with the subject "Refund" and indicate your invoice number in the body of the support ticket.

NOTE: You will need to register an account if you have not already done so. Also note that once you request for a refund, our system will automatically deactivate your software before Avangate refund your money in 1-7 business days.

For Monthly Subscription

Lapse of payment for the next renewal will result in immediate termination of the license.

You can cancel the subscription at anytime. Late cancellation will not be prorated or entitled to any refund.


  • 1st Month: USD $47
  • 2nd Month: USD $47
  • 3rd Month (Cancel subscription): USD $0
  • 4th Month (Sign up again): USD $47

To request for a cancellation of subscription, go to to submit a support ticket with the subject "Cancel Subscription" and indicate your invoice number in the body of the support ticket.

For One-Time-Fee Purchase

Your license only allows you to obtain minor version software upgrades and websites update for free.

Major upgrade is provided free of charge if the new major version released is within two years from your date of purchase.

When your free upgrade expires, you understand that you will just need to pay the discounted price of USD $147 (instead of full retail price) to enjoy another 2 years of free major version upgrade.

Your software will continue to function even without getting a major upgrade.

What constitute to major software upgrade?
Changes to the first digit that appear on the software version constitute to a major version release.


  • Version (minor upgrade): FREE
  • Version (minor upgrade): FREE
  • Version (major upgrade): Only USD $147*
  • Version (major upgrade): Opt-Out (Decide not to purchase the upgrade)
  • Version (major upgrade): USD $147*
  • Version (major upgrade): Only USD $147*

    *FREE if new major version released is within 2 year from date of purchase.

Every minor upgrades and websites update are are provided free-of-charge and the refund period does not get reset with each release. Once the 30 days refund period (from date of purchase) is over, no refund will be given regardless of the software version or performance.

For major upgrades (USD $147), the refund period will be 30 days (from date of payment) for the new version.

VAT and other Taxes
As of July 1, 2003, online retailers of digital products, including Avangate, are required to collect VAT (Value Added Tax) for products purchased by customers with a billing address located in the European Union (EU). Avangate is responsible for remitting applicable sales tax since Avangate resells the products to customers. These taxes will be added at the payment screen. Any disputes with the taxes will be referred to Avangate.