UltimateDemon will cease operation after 31st October 2017. Article here will not be updated and may not be accurate.

Scripts Supported In UltimateDemon

You can add sites using the following scripts into UltimateDemon. There are hundreds of other footprints you can use to search for more sites. Learn how to find your own footprint here.


Web 2.0 Sites

Elgg - "Powered By Elgg"
Dolphin - "Powered by Dolphin - Free Community Software"
PHPizabi - inurl:L=registration.register
Jcow -
intitle:"powered by jcow"
We won't display your email address
phpFox - "sign+up+and+start+using"


Wiki Sites

MediaWiki -
"Powered By MediaWiki"

"Powered By MediaWiki" inurl:wiki
"what links here" "related changes" "special pages"
"There is currently no text in this page, you can search..."

WikkaWiki -
"Powered by wikkawiki"
"pageindex" "recentchanges" "recentlycommented"
"you only need to fill in when" categorywiki

MoinMoin -
"MoinMoin Powered"
"MoinMoin Powered" "Python Powered"
"recentchanges" "findpage" "helpcontents"

TikkiWiki -
"powered by tikiwiki"

"powered by tikiwiki" inurl:tiki-index.php
Powered by TikiWiki CMS/Groupware v2

DokuWiki -
inurl:"doku.php" wiki
“DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use”
"recent changes" "show pagesource" "old revisions"


Article Directories

Article Beach - "Design and Developed by ArticleBeach"

Article Dashboard -
"Powered by Article Dashboard"

Article Friendly -
"Powered By : Article Friendly"
inurl:submitguide.php "submit articles"

Article MS - "Powered by ArticleMS"
Wordpress - "Using Article Directory plugin"

Bookmarking Sites

Pligg - "Pligg is an open source content management system..
Scuttle - "Store, share and tag your favourite links"
ScuttlePlus - "Bookmarking the web 2.0"
PHPDug - powered by phpdug 2.0.0
PublicBookmark - "melden Sie sich zuerst kostenlos an!"

Web Directories

phpLD - "Powered By phpLD"
PHP weby - "Powered by php weby directory software"
WSNLink -
"If you wish to be able to edit your listing, you need to register"


Press Release

Press Release Script - "Powered By Press Release Script"


Document Sharing Site

iDocScript - "Powered by iDocScript.com"


PHPmotion - "Powered Free by PHPmotion - Video Script"
Clipshare - "Powered by ClipShare" "public videos"