Top Ten Search Engine Ranking

Top 10 Search Engine Ranking

First you must understand what a ‘search engine’ is. A ‘search engine’ is a system that will sift through all the sites and web pages on the Internet (and there are millions of them) to find what a given query has asked for. The search engines stored billions of webpages into their server, a stored webpage is known as ‘indexed’.

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Someplace on your web browser there will be a place to type in a query for searching. It will usually be in the upper right hand corner and may even have the word “search” in the box. You then type your query into the box and it will ‘search’ for whatever that is. Let us use the words ‘gardening supplies’ in our example.

In this case you will see that it immediately pulls up over 3,000,000 results and it does it in seconds. Now that you have all these results, what are you going to do with them? Well, it is fairly certain you will not check out all 3,000,000 of them, right? This is where the top ten search engine ranking comes into play.

You, and most of the rest of us, will not look at that many gardening supply sites or pages for what we are looking for. You will most likely only look at the first page, perhaps the second and you will have found what you want. So if you plan on using a search engine for advertising your products or web site, how do you get on the first or second page?

You will need to learn about content writing and SEO link building to get to the top ten search engine ranking. What you need to master is how to write good quality content that is SEO structured for better ranking. You will also need to find out about linking strategies to build links to your website. Finding the correct web promotion strategies will help you improve the amount of traffic to your website. SEO is not an instant success blackmagic. You have to be patient as it takes weeks and even months to start seeing any results. Remember, there are millions of websites doing the same thing as you.

If you can’t wait, you can also get your site appear on the first page of the search engines using paid advertising. You can use PPC or Pay per click advertising to get fast traffic to your website. Depending on your cost per bid, your advertising will appear on the first page of the search engines. The more you bid, the higher the position of your advertising. It is not advisable for a new internet marketing to spend money on PPC because it can be extremely costly and not profitable. You need a lot of experience and testing to make a profit out of PPC.


Top Ten Search Engine Ranking