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Web Site Submission Tips

When it comes to achieving a high rank for a web page on major search engines, link building plays an important role. The more links posted on various websites that direct people back to a web page, the more popular that web page will become. Popular web pages are highly ranked by major search engines. Link building is a must have in any successful SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plan.

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Article Directories
The website owner can write articles and submit them to directories. These articles should always contain a URL that links directly to the owner's website. After the article directory service approves the submitted articles, the owner will receive a certain amount of backlinks to their web page. Keywords should be used in the link's anchor text.

Web Directories
A website should be submitted to various web directories; there are paid and free directories available on the Internet. The authority0 the directory has, the more link juice you will get to your website. This is one of the oldest school strategies to link building.

Web 2.0 Sites
There are hundreds of web2.0 sites that offer you free webspace to host your content. You will be able to create unlimited number of webpages on these web2.0 sites and link them back to your money site.

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. You simple create an account at the social bookmarking sites and post a small snippet of content with a link back to your site. This strategy is an effect way to get your sites indexed. Whenever you have new webpages created on your site, you can bookmark them to get the search engines spider crawling your site.

Keep in mind that increasing a web page's ranking by way of link building, or any other method, must be a continuous effort on the part of the site owner. Seasoned SEO professionals recommend that website owners not only carefully plan their link building campaigns but also conduct link building endeavor regularly. Most professionals use link building software to speed up their link building.


Web Site Submission