what is internet marketing

Understanding What Internet Marketing Is

What is internet marketing? Quite simply, internet marketing is the marketing of products and services using the internet as its medium. Internet marketing as a whole is an extremely cost effective way to reach a worldwide population.

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There are many strategies available for companies that wish to use internet marketing. Some of the more common ways are search engines, traditional media, E-publishing, networking and paid advertising. Going over these different types, both paid and free, will help gain understanding on exactly what is internet marketing.

Search engines perform best for a website when they are indexed extremely high in many different search engines. Getting a listing with some of the most prominent search engines is important, but getting such listings may take several months and could cost you a lot of money and time. You need one of the best seo software for such task.

Traditional media such as newspaper advertising might be cost effective but it is not comparable to the type of audience you get from the search engines. You can try adding your business URL to all forms of letterhead, print advertising, business cards and envelopes to help spread your message.

E-publishing could be seen in the same line as traditional media. Save that a business or service has its ad or display placed in the "store" that is the internet. And that ad is your website. Your periodic news letter will stand as your business card with company URL. In E Publishing, it is key to get potential customers to sign up for this newsletter and it can a very cost effective way to reach people.

In networking, a company simply builds a list of contacts and relationships. On the internet, a company can use sales discussions, news groups and email discussions. While this is a lengthy process, regular participation will build trust and reputation. This is also very cost effective.

Paid advertising can be as simple as purchasing a banner ad on a high traffic website. However, the costs for this could keep many start ups and small business from perusing this type of marketing. It is important to get traffic that converts into sales.

These are some of the most basic types of internet marketing. There are probably hundreds of other internet marketing strategies available. Understanding what internet marketing is will give you a head start for your new business.


what is internet marketing